Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Lost Ten Tribes and Commitment

It has been a pretty quiet week - in fact, too quiet in the Temple.  Craig and I were Initiatory Coordinators this week, and on Friday we sisters didn't have our first patron until 12:30.  That's five hours of a handful of beautiful, willing Temple Workers waiting to serve.  Makes me so sad.  Please go to the temple when you are able!

We have mentioned our friends, the Galbraiths, before.  This is their fifth mission; one was as a Mission President (Siberia), one as a Temple President (Kiev).  Another was over an Institute Program in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which is on the eastern border, next to Russia. They told us that in the group of Young Adults with whom they worked, Patriarchal Blessings revealed that all Twelve Tribes were represented.  Pretty amazing.  The Galbraiths went back to Kiev and Kharkiv over the temple shutdown last month and met with the Saints they knew from their time there.  When in Kharkiv they had a fireside with as many of their former Institute students as could gather.  One of the poorest, sadest girls now lives two hours away with her mother.  Together they live on $90 a month; after rent and utilities are paid, they have barely enough to buy food to survive.  She so wanted to go to the fireside, but the bus fare would take their last food money for the rest of the month.  The mother was afraid if she went they would literally starve to death, but the daughter assured her that Heavenly Father would provide.  The girl went and not only got the spiritual uplift that she needed, but she was also given some money by a tuned-in member that was more than the bus ticket had cost as well as all the left over food from the fireside.  We cannot comprehend that kind of poverty and would only hope we would be that committed. 

After last week's photo I figured I better cut my hair so I could still see on windy days!

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