Sunday, January 29, 2017

No Coincidences in the Temple!

In our temple, people cannot just walk in and perform proxy baptisms whenever they want because we do not have enough male temple workers to cover all the areas needed.  When people call and schedule an appointment to come to the Baptistry, it is made clear that they must bring a minimum of 4 Melchizedek Priesthood holders to assist the whole time, in order to get the work done.   

A few weeks ago Craig and I were the coordinators in the Baptistry area.  A couple of families had scheduled a time to do Baptisms together and had brought dozens of family names to do.  Almost too many for each of the youth who were being baptized.  As they were nearing the end, a young woman arrived at the temple, wanting to do baptisms.  We were able to hurry and slip her in with the group, and because they had so many names they shared some with her.  After a lovely experience I walked her to the door and commented that she sounded like she was from the US.  She said that she was originally from Hawaii, and was studying at BYU-I.  She and her sister were visiting another sister who lived in Glasgow, which is nearly 200 miles away.  While the three had been together over the holidays they had tried to come to the temple to do baptisms, but things just kept coming up and the other two couldn't come.  But she was determined to come on her own.  It had cost her 44 pounds ($55) and all day to come to the temple and return on trains, as she was heading right back after finishing.  

If she had been just 20 minutes later, she would not have been able to do any baptisms, since there were no extra male workers who could have helped that day.  The next Baptistry group was scheduled for six hours later, and waiting would not have been an option for her.  If she had come when another group was there who were doing temple file names, she would have been limited to only 4 baptisms, as that is the maximum number of non-family names that can now be done in temples.  But because she arrived just when she did, she was able not only to be baptized, but joined a group with extra names and was able to do 22 baptisms and confirmations.  As she left she tearfully said that it worked out just great: 44 pounds to come to the temple equaled a pound for each baptism and each confirmation.  Perfect.  If anyone happens to know a Sister Miner who attends BYU-I, majoring in nursing, please thank her for us for her example of dedication and commitment!!!  

Every day we see "coincidences" like Sister Miner's timing.  We know that temple work is so important, and that Heavenly Father is aware of all the details, and constantly enables His children to be blessed and bless others by performing these saving ordinances.

We don't have any pictures from this week, so we'll use one from last week when we were gone during the shutdown!
This is the Cliffs of Moher.  It was BIZARRELY  windy and freezing!  Actually, very scary!!! Great picture, huh?  :)

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  1. Haha the picture! What a sweet story, thanks for sharing.