Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Few of the Things That We Are Still Not Used To

Adjusting to living in England has not been difficult like Brazil was, but after nearly a year there are still some things that we are not used to.
Walking along the sidewalk and having a car pass with a child
(or a dog) in what we are used to being the driver's seat!!!
It can still shock us!

Round-abouts.  At every intersection.  Instead of stop lights.
And they go clockwise instead of the US counter clockwise!

Turning a country corner and seeing a picturesque little village still takes our breath away!
(These three pictures were taken yesterday!)

GORGEOUS hillsides that go on forever.  The cows we're used to, but the intense GREEN  hillsides are still overwhelming!

Rock walls lining narrow roads - good thing we have a SMALL rental car!

The language!!!  There are SO MANY delightful accents, words we can't say, and great verbiage:
  • I thought I could come home being able to imitate a fun accent, but EVERYBODY has a different one - all charming.
  • When I serve at the Clothing Counter in the temple I keep forgetting to ask the men what size TROUSERS they need - when I ask their PANT size they snicker, as "pants" are women's underwear!
  • SOOO many unique sayings we could fill a page, but my favorite was an adorable old Scottish man who passed me in the grocery store and stopped and said, "My but you're a bonnie lass."  Adorable!


  1. What sweet experiences you've had! Love this post!

  2. Oh, all your pictures and observations just made me smile! So glad you've been able to enjoy such beauty and charming people!

  3. I somehow missed this one and I LOVE it! I hope Utah doesn't look too brown when you've been in such a gorgeous, green place! When we went on tour, all the different kinds of accents shocked me the most! I hadn't realized there were so many and I loved each one! And that cute man! What lovely people!