Saturday, June 17, 2017

"I Think The World Is Glorious...

.... And Lovely As Can Be"    The Primary Children don't sing this much anymore, but it's a sweet, relevant song.  Living here, it runs through our minds often as we look around!

On this Father's Day, in addition to being grateful for our own Fathers, and the Fathers of our grandchildren, we are especially grateful for a Loving Father who created such a beautiful world for us.  This part of England is so marvelous - we will miss the foliage and the intensity of green that surrounds us here!
As if they don't have enough big green fields, their parks have HUGE green areas.

We could look at scenes like this all day!!!!  We LOVE being able to get out in the country.
This Garden of Eden-looking tree is one of our favorites - it's here on the Temple Grounds

This is a close up of the tree above - the flowers are on top of the leaves!!!
So Pretty!!!

An odd picture of one of our favorite plants - this is taken from a window
at the end of our hall!

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  1. So beautiful! Utah is a little more brown, but still come home. Okay?