Sunday, October 30, 2016


The temple workers' schedules in this temple are very different from anything we're used to.  There are four full-time Temple Missionary Couples from the US, and about six full-time Couples from the UK who serve here.  We make up about 1/3 of the workers at any given time in the temple.  Another third of the workers live fairly close and work once a week or every other week, or once a month, etc.  The other third are workers who come from far distances within the temple district and come for a week at a time.  Some workers come for "one in four" (one week out of four weeks), and others come "one in eight" or "two in twelve", etc.  Bottom line, on any given week there are workers who have not been in the temple for two, four, eight, or twelve weeks.  Besides being a logistical nightmare for the shift coordinators (there are only two - one for morning, one for afternoon), it is tricky to get to know everyone!

We have enjoyed visiting with those who come for their week(s) of service.  Some are retired, but many plan their job schedules and do extra shifts for several weeks, so they can take off their week off to come here and serve.  Most of those from Ireland fly, then pay (as do all the others) to stay in the Accommodation Center here on the Temple/MTC campus.  For some, getting here and staying here is a huge financial hardship.  When they come to work for a week, they are assigned to work either mornings or afternoons, and the bulk of them spend the time they are not assigned to work in the temple being patrons, doing the work for their ancestors, which they have been gathering on their off weeks.  Literally, their lives are centered and scheduled around their family history work and temple attendance.

It has been very humbling to see the sacrifices that so many saints make to come and serve.  It truly is very overwhelming, and makes us realize how little sacrifice we need to make to get to one of the two temples that are within walking distance of our home in Provo!

One of the four US missionary couples leaves on Tuesday.  This is their fifth mission - three were Medical Authority Missions in Central America, and one in a temple in Paraguay.  Fun coincidence - he went to Medical School with our brother-in-law, Lynn!
The Temple Missionaries from the US.  The couple on the front right are leaving this week.
The couple in the front left we mentioned a few weeks ago.  The couple in the back left are young
and not retired - just taking a break in their careers to serve a mission.  Impressive sacrifice!

We were so sad thinking about missing the colors in our Utah Fall - who knew
that we would enjoy colors like this? This is outside our apartment building - See
the temple spire behind the trees in the middle?

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