Sunday, December 11, 2016


Isn't Christmas Music the best?  The last two years at Christmas time I have longed to be in a choir.  Two years ago in Fortaleza I was able to direct 50 or so precious missionaries in a couple of Christmas arrangements (in Portuguese!) for a Mission Conference but wasn't able to sing at all, and last year wasn't involved in any music.  A few weeks ago in Church they announced a practice for the Stake Choir to get ready for their Christmas Music Program, so I showed up - not realizing it was sort of a by-invitation-only group.  I really wanted to sing so I offered to help copy music (legal copies, of course!) and organize, etc so I wouldn't feel so guilty.

While things were done differently than I am used to, it still felt wonderful to sing Christmas music - not just at rehearsal, but throughout the week, as songs stay in your mind and heart.  My voice is not great, but I love singing praises to Him, especially at Christmas.  The way I feel when I do, makes me wonder if I was in the Heavenly Choir 2,000+ years ago.  I hope I can be in the next one when He comes again, as I find it the best way to share my testimony and feelings about the Savior.

New to us this year is a Sally deFord song that we both love:  "Born is the Light of the World."  So beautiful.  (I have such grateful appreciation for the amazing and amazingly generous Sally deFord!)

Craig was, as ever, the supportive husband.  What a gem.

Our hope is that during these last two weeks before Christmas you can enjoy listening to and singing carols to Him, and feel the Spirit that can sometimes be felt best through music.
The only Christmas concert we attended was last night, to support a woman
who works in the temple laundry.  It was most.... unique!!!

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