Sunday, December 18, 2016


Cindy and I have experienced very different Christmas seasons over the last three years.  From the heat and palm trees of Fortaleza, the sunshine and humidity of Orlando, and now the rain (and snow) and cold of Chorley.  Each culture celebrates the  holiday in its own special way and we are grateful to have enjoyed each one.  We love meeting and serving the members and non-members alike during the various activities surrounding Christmas.  

While there are many differences between the various events surrounding Christmas, the one and most important commonality is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  His birth, exemplary Life, and Atoning Sacrifice for all the Father's children stand at the center of all the celebrations we have seen and enjoyed.  

The other common thread, based on our experiences in the various missions, is family.  We truly love and appreciate each of our children (and their very special spouses and families.)  We feel your love and support and are grateful for your example of righteousness and commitment to the Lord's kingdom.

Of course we miss all the members of our families, both immediate and extended, but in all honesty the members we miss the most are the grandchildren.  We wish we could be with you all to enjoy the excitement and energy you create around this time of year.  We want you know that it is because we love you SO MUCH that we feel it is important that we show you how much we love Jesus by serving Him as missionaries.  We know that Jesus loves all of you as much as we do.  

We pray that each of you will enjoy the Spirit of this wonderful  Christmas season and know how much we love you all. 


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