Sunday, December 25, 2016


But Edinburgh is a good alternative if you're in the UK anyway!

Don't Judge - It was FREEZING!!!
And having kids come MADE Christmas!  

I look familiar to him, but he's not used to seeing me in 3-D!
We wish we could have had all our kids come visit (boy, that would be a logistical trick!) but are glad to have Jessie and Becky and her little family here for a few days.

We attended a Christmas Eve Worship Service in this
Cathedral with 2,000 other people and GORGEOUS music!
We got home Sunday in time to have a nice Christmas Dinner!  (Scottish Salmon!)
As a Missionary we are not allowed to hold children, unless they're our Grandchildren!  I'm soaking up all the snuggles I can get!!!
Pretty much he likes me!  (Or I'm just boring!)
Poor Craig, who is always Mr. Organized, left his Sunday clothes home so we had to shop on Christmas Eve in Edinburgh for some pants, shirt and tie.  The shirt and tie were easily covered, but the pants were a new (or very old!) style for him!

I kinda like the look!  
(And he's a darn good sport to pose for me!)
We hope you each have/had a wonderful Christmas Day!  How grateful we are to know the true meaning of this day, and the impact it has on our lives.  Merry Christmas! 

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