Sunday, January 1, 2017


In 1933 a 23-year-old Elder Hinckley was serving as a new missionary in Preston.  He was discouraged and wrote to his father that he was wasting his time and his father's money.  (Since he was in the same area, I have wondered if he anticipated Heber C. Kimball-like success.)  As you all know, his father replied, "Dear Gordon, I have your letter.  I have only one suggestion:  forget yourself and go to work."  What wonderful advice for ALL of us.  We can get so caught up in our personal challenges that we are too immobilized to do what needs to be done.

On this New Year's Day, our hope is that we will all commit to forgetting ourselves and go to work, each doing our part to move the Lord's Kingdom forward.

This is the apartment where a young Elder Hinckley lived when
 he wrote and received the above-mentioned letters
And a few pictures from last week, before the kids left...
The back of "Pemberley" from the Colin Firth "Pride and Prejudice."
(The front was closed, but we did our darnedest for 2 hours trying to get a glimpse of it!!!)

The hard-to-see little munchkin was such an amazing traveler!!!

Oh we loved being with this sweet little David!!! 

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  1. Love the pictures, especially the last one! thanks for an amazing trip!