Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Royal Heritage

The Preston Temple is closed for two weeks for its scheduled semi-annual maintenance shutdown.  During this time we are blessed to be able to travel at will around the temple district. Additionally, we got permission to sneak to the London Temple as well.

Having the maiden name of O'Brien, I have always been anxious to visit Ireland, so that was our first stop. We went to Shannon so we could visit the area where the O'Briens built castles and cathedrals and ruled the land for centuries. When we went to the Dromoland Castle, I couldn't help fantasize for a few seconds about what my life would have been like if Dennis O'Brien had been in the royal line and had never left, but had stayed and raised his posterity in these castles.

But then I thought of the royal heritage I do indeed have. On my other side, I have ancestors who struggled across the plains so that I could be born and raised with the fulness of the Gospel, know about, inherit, and earn true royal blessings that will last through the eternities.

We are getting better at selfies!  This temple is so pretty. 
We're glad we got to go through before they do serious 
renovating in a year or two!

Because of a train strike our day in London lasted 1 1/2 hours,
 but we ran and saw a lot!

Craig said he finally found something older than him!

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  1. I love your thoughts about your heritage. That O'Brien castle is amazing! I had no idea the London temple was going to be renovated. I'm so sorry about your London day, but I'm glad you made it to Stonehenge!