Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tuning In

One of the reasons we visited the areas we did during the temple's shutdown was so that we could get an idea of where so many of the more faithful temple patrons and part-time workers live.  We feel like we can now not only picture their environments, but also appreciate to some small degree the large efforts they have to go through to get to the temple!

Another thing we wanted to do was take our chances on seeing the Northern Lights.  We spent a couple nights on the northern tip of Scotland, and checked the sky every few hours during the one clear night, when they were actually forecasted, but we never did see any. But look what greeted us in the morning!  What a wonderful consolation prize!!!  Who can see this and doubt there is a loving Father in Heaven?

I have lots of pictures of sunsets, but not very many of sunrises!  :)
(Of course, a picture never does a scene like this justice - especially when using an iPad!  It was exquisite!)
This was taken from our hotel room (in an old castle.)  The water at the left is the North Sea!
One evening during our travels while I was waiting for Craig in a very large and busy train station, a blind girl struggled past me, trying to find her way.  Because I was watching all our bags (so wouldn't have an arm to guide), and didn't dare leave our assigned meeting place for fear of not reconnecting with Craig in an unfamiliar terminal in time for our train's departure (yes, we again have just one phone between us) I had no other option but to stand there and watch helplessly from a distance while everyone whisked past her as she tried over and over to figure out where the door was.  I wondered how many times I had been one of those people - too busy and focused on myself to stop and help.  As soon as Craig came back and we agreed on a new meeting place, I took half of our bags and ran through the station trying to find her, with tears running down my cheeks.  I eventually had to admit defeat, but when I met Craig he said he had seen her and helped her get to where she needed to go.  It was such a good reminder for me to try to tune in and be more aware of those around me who I could perhaps assist.  Physically, spiritually or emotionally.

We are really grateful for this break and the chance to see some of the UK.
(This is Bath, England)


  1. That sunrise is unreal! Thanks for your sweet thoughts it's a good reminder for me to be more aware.

  2. Oh Mom, that sunrise is breathtaking, and the blind girl incident sad! I'm glad Craig ran into her!!!