Sunday, January 8, 2017


We have tried to be very careful to not talk about things in this blog that should not be discussed outside the temple.  I have checked Ensign articles, and will not refer to anything that was not referred to in those, so don't panic or feel the need to report me!  :)

During the weeks around Christmas, temple attendance was very inconsistent.  At times we would have large family or ward groups come, which would feel like an early Christmas present.  Other times there were no patrons, and we had to cancel sessions.  Many times there would be only one or two patrons who wanted to attend an endowment session, and a session would proceed.  The number of temple workers needed to have our temple open for one or two people to attend a session is about the same as it would be for 40 or so people to attend a session.  (Our capacity is 48.)  A few times we workers would get a little discouraged on those one-patron sessions.  But then we would think about the one or two persons for whom the work was being done, and we would be grateful that we could assist in the eternal progression for that one soul.  

While I am not encouraging you to not attend your local temple so that you can provide your temple workers with the opportunity to serve "just one" person, it is a great reminder that while the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for the whole world, it is also very personal; and salvation comes one soul at a time.

Craig commented the other day that if he and I, and our children each attended one temple session a month, by year's end we would have done endowments for the equivalent number of people in an entire ward.  

Not a flattering picture, but isn't the countryside so beautiful?

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  1. I've been thinking about the one so much lately so I loved this! Beautiful picture!