Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

On this Easter morning we feel the desire as Disciples of our Savior to share with all our testimonies of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In preparation for Easter, this week we have each read a book about His Atonement.  In addition to the Forgiveness and Comfort His Atonement offers, the subsequent hope of a Resurrection and Eternal Life are such amazing, incomprehensible Gifts.  It is extremely difficult for our finite minds to fully comprehend this.  But we are grateful for what we DO know and understand - that Jesus Christ suffered for the sins of each person who ever has or ever will live on the earth, allowed Himself to be crucified, and then was Resurrected.  This truly is the Good News that we can all share with everyone!

The flowers are much more brilliant in real life, and the sky was actually blue
one day last week!
From today - the flowers are always so beautiful!

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  1. So who read Jesus the Christ and who read Doctrine of Salvation?

    I always love hearing/reading your testimony!