Sunday, April 9, 2017


Elder Holland's General Conference talk last weekend about how all voices are needed to sing in the Lord's choir made me think of Lizzie.  When we took our little trip a few weeks ago we attended a ward where we sisters got to experience the sweetest music conductor in Relief Society.  The woman in front of us visitors turned around and explained, "We let Lizzie lead the singing because she's not capable of doing anything else."  Lizzie's disabilities kept her from being able to sing the words, but she led the singing with such solemnity and dignity, watching her own arm to make sure she was doing it just right.  I have had the privilege to sing under some great conductors, but I don't think I ever enjoyed singing under one as much as I did her.  I had a huge smile while tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched her and sang.  How lucky we are to belong to a Church where all are welcomed, all are needed, and hopefully all are loved.

Don't judge me for taking a picture!  It wasn't in the Chapel, and NOBODY saw me do it.  I just couldn't resist:
She was so dang cute, and I wanted to remember the experience and what she looked like!

On Monday (P-Day) the Galbraiths took us on a drive to the area where
 the Bronte Sisters lived and wrote.  Fortunately, it was one of the few rainless
days that we've had lately.  The area was so beautiful and quaint!


  1. Mom that story is so sweet! I LOVED Elder Holland's talk; what a sweet example of it. I'm glad you got a picture of it to remember that special meeting! 💙

  2. That is such a sweet picture and story of Lizzie conducting. What an example of love and service.

    That bottom picture looks so dreamy! Can you believe you live in England? It's still crazy to me: